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Don’t worry if its been a while since you attended your last dental check-up. We’ve all been guilty of avoiding the dentist chair at some point in our lives, but its important to address any health concerns before they become complex or costly.

Regular DEntal


Regular dental check-ups allow us to identify dental problems you may have as early as possible, they also allow us to keep your mouth healthy and pain free.

Routine examinations are an effective way of monitoring the teeth and gums, helping to prevent the need for any treatment. In addition, we may ask, and give advice, about your dental health, teeth-cleaning habits, your diet, and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol use.

We will also carry out Routine x-rays when required.

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Unfortunately, dental problems don't always time themselves to coincide with your next check-up, or during the convenience of the daytime.

Whether you are at home, or out and about, if you are suffering from dental pain and discomfort – we can help!

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A clean and healthy mouth improves your appearance and gives you fresh breath. Regular Hygiene treatment at Danbury Dental Care combined with patients following advice to improve their homecare routine will ensure huge dental benefits.  Research has shown that good cleaning techniques significantly reduce the risk of new cavities, fillings needing replacement, gum recession and more dental problems and afflictions.

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At Danbury Dental Care , we strongly believe that dentistry should be inclusive and that fear should not be a barrier to accessing our fantastic range of high quality dental treatments.

We regularly treat anxious patients at our practice and we understand that dental phobia is very common. Whatever your dental fears or concerns, we are here to help!
Are you scared of the dental chair? If so, you should be reassured that you’re not alone. An estimated 13% of the people in the UK avoid regular dental appointments due to fear.

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