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Rachel T
Rachel T
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Absolutely amazing, I have not been to the dentist in 5 years due to being needle phobic and having had a bad experience, Dr Kaly and Jess were amazing and so understanding, they talked me through the whole procedure, I would 100% recommend them, such a lovely practice with lovely staff
Dominic M
Dominic M
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Dr Kaly went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and make the experience positive. She explained the process very clearly and reassured me that I was always in control. I would definitely recommend Dr Kaly to anyone looking for a dentist, especially if you are a nervous patient.
Samantha C
Samantha C
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After a disastrous dentist experience a couple of years ago, I was very apprehensive about visiting the dentist ever again, however I should of never worried, Dr Kaly at Danbury Dental Care was fantastic. Dr Kaly and her nurse were so reassuring, made me feel so comfortable and completely at ease. Would recommend this dental practice!
Nikki W
Nikki W
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I was Sedated on Friday for fillings and I was extremely Nervous!! But I had meetings with Kaly and the team leading up to it and phone calls and emails to ease my nerves and answer any questions I had! Which comforted me a lot!

Even if you don’t see a Dentist here, our Hygienists would be glad to help you

Dental Hygiene Advice from Dr Kaly

First thing’s first, because so many patients ask, at Danbury Dental Care we have an open access policy.

This means you can visit our hygienists even if you’re registered with another dentist in the Chelmsford, Maldon or South Woodham Ferrers area.

So if you need a clean but feel awkward that you don’t already visit us – you don’t have to!
We’ll gladly help you.

How our Hygienist can help

Here at the practice, Dental Hygienists play a really important role.

Trained extensively, they are not just “teeth cleaners”, but part of the team that can restore your dental health and get you smiling brightly and confidently.

Let’s take a peek at the array of services offered by our dental hygienists.

Routine cleanings and fluoride treatments? Of course!

As dental hygienists, they provide a thorough clean, reaching areas that brushing and flossing can’t always reach.

Why is this important? These hard-to-reach spots can harbour plaque, which may lead to decay and gum disease if left untreated.

With both hand instruments as well as ultrasonic tips, Hygienists get to work on removing the plaque and tartar that can cause irreparable damage over the long term to our dental health.

Hygienists can also offer more advanced treatments, such as Root Planing and manual plaque removal.

Hygiene Benefits as a patient

Great, but what’s the value as a patient?  

Let’s delve into how our dental hygienists play a crucial role in ensuring dental health and long term oral wellbeing.

Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is no fun. 

Dental hygienists are really quite pivotal role in its prevention. Regular cleanings remove plaque and tartar build-up, which left unchecked, can lead to gum disease. You’ll leave with a fresh, clean mouth, and the peace of mind that your gums are in tip-top shape.

Keep Underlying Gums and Teeth Healthy

When it comes to dental health, it’s not just about the surface. Dental hygienists can clean below the gumline and in-between teeth, targeting hidden areas that are often missed during daily brushing.

Prevent Bad Breath

Did you know that it often results from aspects of dental hygiene?

Plaque and calculus cause bacteria build-up, leading to halitosis. Regular deep cleaning by a hygienist can help keep bad breath at bay. 

Advise on Solid Oral Hygiene Habits

Proper brushing and flossing technique is crucial to maintaining oral health. Our dental hygienists can provide personalised advice and demonstrations, tailored to your needs. Plus, they can recommend products suited to your dental health needs.

Will it hurt?

A lot of patients worry about whether their Hygienist treatment will hurt.

I wanted to share a few things to consider and expect, and a few tips to minimise the chances of pain if you are worried.

Firstly, one significant step we’ve taken at Danbury Dental Care is to adopt Airflow.

This cutting edge technology removes a lot of sensitivity that you might expect from traditional scale & polishes. It uses a jet of fine particles and warm water, which allows dental hygienists to more precisely target plaque without hurting gums.

Local Anaesthetic can be administered by our highly skilled hygienists.

To ensure optimal comfort, it’s recommended to request for this ahead of time, as it generally takes about 5-8 minutes to become fully effective. And so we need to allow extra time for the booking.

While there might be an additional charge for this service, the enhanced comfort could certainly be worth considering if you do get a lot of sensitivity.

Communication is key to any good dental treatment and clinician/patient relationship. Being open about your apprehensions and expectations enables your hygienist to tailor the experience to your comfort levels.

Dr Kaly Gengeswaran

Even if you don’t see a Dentist here, our Hygienists would be glad to help you