Nervous about the Dentist? 3 Tips from an Expert

3 Tips for Nervous Patients when visiting the Dentist
Dentistry for Nervous Patients - 3 Tips

Many of us feel a flutter of anxiety when we think of sitting in the Dentists chair.

In fact, 53% of the population are scared of visiting the dentist.

But why is that? The noises of instruments and surroundings? Or the memory of past experiences? Perhaps the anticipation of pain.

The most important things

As a Dentist, my belief is that visiting the dentist should be about trust and comfort especially for nervous patients. These are the biggest two factors in achieving lasting dental health outcomes.

I’ve treated 100s of patients who have dental anxiety, who are absolutely nervous at visiting the dentist.

And with kindness, patience and sometimes medical intervention with IV Sedation Dentistry, it can be overcome.

In that spirit, here are 3 tips which have ensured nervous patients in Essex have had relaxing and stress free experiences in my dental clinic

Knowledge is Power!

How often have you found fear stemming from the unknown?

I have a bit of a fear of aeroplanes. And it stems from not fully being in control… not knowing what’s happening in the cockpit.

And I feel Dentistry is like that for many patients.

We build a picture up in our mind and it worries us. We overthink, we catastrophise.

So, the first step is to demystify the process.  Before starting any dental procedure or treatment, I always explain what’s going to happen.

What I always say to patients is: read lots of reviews. The experiences of existing patients, if you have dental anxiety, can give a lot of calm.

That’s why we focus so much on reviews on Danbury Dental Care – to help share insight to future patients who may be nervous of the dentist.

If you’re a Nervous Patient wondering abour your experienc,, check these out on Google here

They can help you more create more rational thoughts and feelings about dental treatment. And understanding diminishes fear.

Creature Comforts

We all have that favourite song that keeps our nerves at bay. From Moby to Mozart, soothing music has a profound impact on our brains.

In this landmark study, music was seen to be extremely affective in helping reduce anxiety during medical treatment for nervous patients.,

Why not bring your headphones and play it during your appointment? The familiar sounds can divert your mind and offer a sense of solace and tranquillity.

Or maybe you’re currently wrapped up in a podcast which has nothing to do with dentistry!Feel free to listen to it during your visit in order to occupy your attention, and in no time you’ll be out of the door.

Get it Off Your Chest

Tell us what you’re feeling. Email ahead of time into the team (you can contact our dental team here)

If something makes you uneasy or if you have a specific concern, please share it.

Particularly ahead of Sedation appointments, you can email us to ask for any special requests. Want an eye mask while you are sedated during treatment? No problem! Have a music request? Sure!

A dentist-patient relationship, like any other, thrives on trust above all else. If you have dental anxiety, let’s address it together.

Sometimes, just voicing your worries can release stress.

In short, it’s absolutely natural to feel nervous.  As we saw, over half of the population are scared of visiting the dentist.

But, with understanding, a touch of comfort, and open dialogue, we can make your visits to the practice a walk in the (dental) park!

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