Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment

In this article we talk about Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment and how it improves gum health.

The word ‘periodontal’ refers to everything surrounding your teeth, mostly your gums, but also ligaments and bones.

Imagine your teeth are like trees and your gums are the soil they’re rooted in. 

Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment is a bit like giving that soil a proper tidying up, ensuring the trees remain robust and tall.

So what does this entail, specifically?

It involves using specialised instruments designed for Periodontists, to gently scrape and remove the unwanted bacteria lurking below the surface of your gums.

Removing bacteria reduces pocket depths, and avoids further gum recession and gum disease by keeping the bacteria at bay.

Is it Painful?

Understandably, some of you may be worried these procedures hurt, perhaps because of bad experiences with dentists in the past, or simply due to fear of the unknown.

There is, however, no need to worry.  

As a practice, we take extra care with our nervous patients and we offer Sedation alongside all treatment if required.

It’s also worth pointing out that Local Anaesthetic is injected to ensure treatment is pain free. 

You might receive a few unfamiliar and odd sensations, but most patients find those feelings similar to a routine cleaning, just with a bit more attention to beneath the gum line.

Is Periodontal Treatment even Necessary?

You might be wondering whether the treatment is worth it.  

While those white pearls might be gleaming, if the gums aren’t in tip-top shape, issues can arise in the long run. 

As the old saying goes, “A stitch in time saves nine,” and it’s completely true in the contexts of gum health.

Only natural..

It’s natural to have a focus on whats above the gum line – the teeth – since it’s all you can see with the naked eye. 

And all the while ignore issues with gums, assuming that the swelling or bleeding will go away on its own.

If you’re recommended periodontal non-surgical treatment, it’s reason is to offset complications which will directly affect your teeth longer term.  Underlying gum disease can result in bone loss, making teeth prone to decay and infection.

To wrap up

Periodontal non-surgical treatment is like giving your gums a bit of a spa day, ensuring they remain healthy and robust to support your sparkling smile.

While the name might sound a bit technical and intimidating, it’s a straightforward and generally pain free procedure.

If you want help with your gum health, or you’re concerned about gum disease, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Danbury Dental Care.  

We’ll start with an Assessment to understand how best to help, and devise a treatment plan to protect your gums & teeth for the long term

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