Private Dentists: THESE Three Things Make All the Difference

Thinking of joining a Private Dentist?  How are they different to NHS dental practices?  And what are the things to look out for as

Thinking of joining a Private Dentist?  How are they different to NHS dental practices?  And what are the things to look out for as a patient?

If you’re thinking of trying out a private dentist, there’s three essential factors to consider that just might sway your choice:

Personalised Experience and Comprehensive Care

One of the notable hallmarks of private dental practices is their commitment to care thats super personalised.

Unlike more generic treatment avenues, private dental practices spend time to dive deep into your dental history, your concerns, and your aspirations for your smile.

In our New Patient Assessment for example, we would spend up to an entire hour in that first appointment giving an exhaustive review of your entire dental health.

The result is tailored treatments that don’t just address immediate concerns but optimise dental health for the future.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Treatment Options

As healthcare providers, privater dentists can invest more in tools and technology to improve patient outcomes. They’re often first in line to adopt innovations that promise more precision, less pain, and quicker recovery times.

From digital impressions that do away with the gooey moulds to Airflow Teeth Cleaning, the offerings in private clinics are typically on the frontlines of dental advancement.

What’s more, these technologies often mean fewer appointments and faster results.

The Comfort Factor

Ever imagined a dental visit that feels more spa-like than clinical?

Private clinics often go the extra mile to ensure their patients are comfortable.   Which is great if you’re nervous or scared about visiting the dentist. We’re talking plush chairs, calming ambiance, maybe even some soft music in the background.  

This is all geared around reducing anxiety and making your dental visit a pleasant experience.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, the choice of where to entrust your oral health is deeply personal and a judgement call about whats right for you.

However, when considering a private dentist, it’s worth remembering that you’re not just investing in a service but an entire experience.

From individualised care plans to advanced technologies, and the undeniable luxury of comfort, private clinics offer an all-encompassing approach to dental care.

Before you make that appointment, remember to check for these factors. Because your smile deserves the best, and perhaps, that’s what private dentistry is all about.

Begin your dental journey.  Contact us and one of our team will help to book your appointment.