Scared of the Dentist? Expert Shares 5 Tips

Over the years, I’ve met countless patients who would say they are scared of the dentist. Millions of people in the UK self-report some

Scared of the Dentist? 5 Tips for Nervous Dental Patients

Over the years, I’ve met countless patients who would say they are scared of the dentist.

Millions of people in the UK self-report some level of dental phobia. Some stats even put it at 1 in every 2 people… thats 30 million!

But with the right approach, you can totally overcome dental fear to get out of pain and get the smile of your dreams.

Below I cover 5 tips that might just help you conquer that fear.

PS – if you’re a Nervous Patient and on the look out for a new Dentist, we’d love to help!

Visit Before the Actual Appointment

Consider paying a short visit before your actual appointment.

Familiarising yourself with the environment, the team, or even the chair, can make the real deal seem much less daunting.

Last week, one of our prospective patients popped in to our Essex clinic for nervous dental patients for a quick chat so they felt comfortable before committing.

Any practice team worth their salt will welcome this with open arms!


If you feel like your nerves might take over, sedation dentistry might be an avenue to consider.

We offer Sedation Dentistry with IV Sedation and Inhalation Sedation and it can totally change your relationship with the Dentist.

Discuss this with your Dentist to find the right approach for you.

Research is key

Being scared of the dentist often springs from the unknown. We can catastrophise and think about the “worst case”.

If you’re uncertain about what to expect, trawl through Google Reviews for genuine experiences.

Why not ask us the Dentist to explain the procedure? Having a clear idea can significantly reduce anxiety,

You shouldn’t feel rushed, and you should feel like you have enough information to make a clear and confident decision about your dental treatment.

Communication is Everything

If there’s something specific about dental treatment that sounds scary, tell us!

Whether it’s the sound of the drill, the fear of pain, or just general anxiety, sharing your feelings allows us to cater to your needs more effectively.

Sometimes patients tell me the thought of a Root Canal is too much. Just the words, the connotations of them, what it conjures in the mind. Letting us know this helps us communicate to you in a clearer way that gets the best outcomes for your treatment.

Sometimes, a simple explanation or a slight adjustment in our approach can make all the difference.

Guided Relaxation

Something that helps many from experience is breathing techniques.

They’re well understood to slow your heart rate, reduce the stress response, and make you feel more relaxed and accepting.

Paired with meditation music in the dental room, aromatherapy we can make your experience more pleasant a

Remember this

Always remember that your feelings are valid.

Know that dental treatment should always be pain free, and you should be allowed enough time to feel fully numb.

Millions in the UK grapple with anxiety, often fueled by the unknown. To conquer this, consider a pre-appointment visit for familiarity.

Sedation dentistry, offered with IV or Inhalation options, can transform your dental experience—discuss it with your dentist. Dive into Google Reviews for genuine insights and communicate any fears for tailored care.

Whether it’s the sound of a drill or a looming root canal, open communication paves the way. Finally, embrace guided relaxation techniques, coupled with calming music, to ease your journey toward pain-free, dream-smile dental visits.

Begin your dental journey.  Contact us and one of our team will help to book your appointment.