Dental Sedation to Overcome Gag Reflex

Illustration of Patient with Gag Reflex Sedation

Do you suffer from a bad gag reflex?   This article explores the use of sedation during dental treatment to control and reduce gag reflex. More common than you think! Our gag reflex is considered a vital component of our airway protective mechanisms and is present in most healthy individuals.   It’s role is to protect […]

Sleep Dentistry

If you’re a nervous patient and need to get dental treatment, you might be considering how to be fully asleep during treatment. This blog talks about two different forms of sedation available to patients so you can make a fully informed decision as you embark on dental treatment. General Anaesthetic vs Conscious Sedation General Anaesthetic […]

Dental Sedation: Getting the Most Out of Your Treatments

If you’re one of the many people who are afraid of the dentist, you may be looking for ways to make your dental visits more relaxed and comfortable. Dental sedation is one option that can help reduce anxiety and make treatments more tolerable. At Danbury Dental Care Dental practice, we offer several types of sedation […]