Dental Sedation for Children – What to Expect

With Inhalation Sedation, Nitrous Oxide is provided to Children during Dental Treatment

When it comes to kids’ dental sedation, nitrous oxide is often used as a sedative to keep them calm and relaxed.   

The gas is odourless and tasteless, which makes it perfect for children who might otherwise have difficulty staying still in the dentist’s chair due to fear about treatment.

Nitrous Oxide Reduces Discomfort

Not only does nitrous oxide help to minimise discomfort during dental procedures, but it can also reduce overall stress levels for both the child and the parent. 

Unlike other sedatives that can leave kids feeling groggy or disoriented after treatment, nitrous oxide quickly dissipates from the body, leaving patients feeling normal almost immediately.

How Your Child is Sedated

Nitrous oxide is administered through a small mask that fits over the child’s nose. The dentist will start by giving the patient a small amount of oxygen to breathe in order to help them relax. 

Once the child is feeling more comfortable, the nitrous oxide will be slowly introduced. 

The gas works quickly, so the child should start feeling its effects within a minute or two.  And it’s incredible safe.

The amount of nitrous oxide can be adjusted throughout the procedure as needed in order to ensure that the child remains calm and relaxed.

After The Procedure

Once the dental procedure is over, the nitrous oxide will be turned off and the child is typically given pure oxygen to breathe for a few minutes. This helps to flush any residual gas from their system. Within a few minutes, the child will likely feel completely back to normal.

Nitrous Oxide is incredibly safe, and to be sure of a full recovery our Dentists then monitor your child until they are fully recovered. This can last for up to half an hour.

At Danbury Dental Care, we understand that some children can be nervous about visiting the dentist.  That’s why we offer a range of sedation options for children to help make the experience more comfortable for both parents and children.  

Our Dentists are leading providers of Sedation to Children across Essex, and we are passionate about providing the best possible care for our young patients.

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